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About the DM for BUSINESS Program

Welcome to BusinessDM for the Sauk Valley area. DM for Business is based in Dixon, so welcome to our hometown DM!  DM is a Digital Market designed to help strengthen businesses and their community through digitally-based programs and events.

We create, market, and manage virtual job fairs & tradeshows, provide digitally delivered education & other cutting edge events and solutions to help businesses & the local business community in the digital world.

As a member of the Sauk Valley BusinessDM we will use our platform to help the entire business community in a number of ways. Our participating membership is free and our premier membership provides value to businesses and organizations at an unprecedented level. As an active member throughout the Sauk Valley community we are excited to grow this DM network into a robust tool.

We provide local Chambers of Commerce & other community organizations multiple options on how we can work together. Our goal is to extend the valuable benefits & activities provided by these organization through our digital and virtual platform. We’re an active member, sponsor or contributor of every Chamber we work with. We invest in our partners and will continue to provide updates on how our relationship grows throughout the Sauk Valley area.

The Environment

We use our virtual environment to host all job fairs, tradeshows, networking events and panel discussions. As an BusinessDM member you’ll attend all seminars, summits and classes here.

Our virtual environment can host up to 50 events at the same time and accommodate an unlimited amount of users at once. We have the ability to broadcast live video seminars & presentations up to 10,000 users and can simulcast up to 100,000 users. Users can have a true interactive experience by chatting with representatives within virtual booths and even add documents and materials into a digital briefcase.

Want to use our platform for a specific presentation or event? Yes, contact us!

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