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Please review your benefits and contact us if you’d like to schedule a time to discuss your options.

Participating DM (Free)

Participating Membership: Every business & organization is automatically approved for a Participating DM Membership.

Cost: $0.00


Virtual Experiences: Throughout the course of the year a number of job fairs, panel discussions and tradeshows will be held in your local and/or regional market. All Standard DM members have the option of attending and participating.

  • Job Fairs / Tradeshows - Attend

  • Forum & Panel Discussions - Attend

  • Investor Pitch Deck - Attend

Education & Training: Members can gain valuable knowledge through education & training hosted by DM & participating content partners.

These standard (100 Level) digitally delivered programs are free to enroll for DM Participating members.

  • Instructor / Vendor / DM led webinars - Attend

  • Institutional led - Attend (some may require an additional cost)

  • Workshops (DIY Tools) - Attend

Programs / Access / Discounts / Demos

  • All members have access to view a collection of digital tools to help their business succeed. Many of these programs/vendors offer special discounts/rebates, training or features offered typically only to large, enterprise level customers. We leverage the power of our buying group to bring value and experience.

    • Note: These are not simply discount codes. We actively negotiate with vendors and present a large number of potential customers to deliver personalized support, pricing and experiences.

DM Digital Magazine Subscription: DM is a quarterly publication focused on all the digital aspects of business.

Business DM Combined - Single Line.png