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Please review your benefits and contact us if you’d like to schedule a time to discuss your options.

Exhibiting / Contributing (Premier)

Exhibiting / Contributing Membership (Premier): Designed for organizations participating / exhibiting in Virtual Job Fairs & Tradeshows

Membership Information: Individual Organization or Business / Local Franchise / Multi-Location Business

Annual Membership: $400.00 per DM (multi-location businesses, restrictions apply*)

  • Multi-location businesses can use (1) membership if all locations are within 50 miles. Additional memberships are required for locations of 50 miles + and/or outside the state.


  • Virtual Experiences: Throughout the course of the year a number of job fairs and tradeshows will be held in your local and/or regional market. All DM members have the option of attending and/or exhibiting.

    • Job Fairs - Attend & Exhibit

    • Tradeshows - Attend & Exhibit

    • Forum & Panel Discussions - Attend

    • Investor Pitch Deck - Attend & Pitch (upon approval from Investor Pitch Committee)

  • Digital Engagement: Members have the option of participating in these interactive groups. Local groups meet digitally but also can meet in person if needed.

    • Networking groups - Participant level

    • Lead Exchange groups - Participant level

    • User groups (multiple topics) - Participant level

  • Education & Training: Members can gain valuable knowledge through education & training hosted by DM. These digitally delivered programs are free to enroll for ChamberDM members.

    • Instructor led webinars - Attend

    • User group led - Attend & Teach (upon approval from Education Committee)

    • DM led webinars - Attend

    • Institutional led - Attend (some may require an additional cost)

    • Workshops (DIY Tools) - Attend

  • Program Tracks - Identify successes or shortfalls in your business digitally and provides a roadmap to success over the coming year.

    • 4 week Program Tracks survey ($250 value)

    • Roadmap to success report

    • User groups - Participant level

  • Managed Services - Have a local expert or DM help with your digital needs. From social media management to website development get help at a discounted rate.

    • Local referrals to DM member digital experts at a discounted rate.

    • Access to DM Managed Services - Includes $200 credit annually.

Business DM Combined - Single Line.png