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DM: Virtual Events

Our virtual event platform is the single most important feature (and investment) we made. We create, host, manage and market virtual events for industries and agendas across the board. Imagine an expo center open for multiple virtual events, participants and agendas all assembling for a custom experience. In one expo hall a career & job fair could be connecting job seekers with employers & industry leaders …. and just down the way a conference of an entire national association of tourism professionals are exchanging ideas, chatting and watch live streaming video.

Whatever industry you’re in, regardless of your position or experience - everyone assembles. Traditionally that might have been in person but now there’s an opportunity to expand your reach to the next level. Yes, we’re in event business and we’re ready to help. Our participating membership is free for any business and gives you an opportunity to attend and participate. The options past that are limitless, ask us how.

Exhibit, Present or Host during our Virtual Events!

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A true virtual experience.

Our main virtual expo center hosts 50 exhibit halls and can support an unlimited number of users.