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Hello, I’m your membership advisor! I’m here to step you through the DM to explain our features, participation options and capabilities. Don’t worry, I only need a few minutes of your time - it will be worth it….!

DM Explained & What to Expect

The DM, which stands for Digital Market, is designed to help businesses, professionals, organizations, students and members an easy way assemble in the digital world. Our core goals focus around Virtual Events, Education, Engagement and Expansion. I’ll explain these shortly but the simple concept is to assemble people, collaborate with others to produce events and help engage people to educate and inform, ultimately helping expand everyone’s goals - everywhere.

Sounds lofty for sure … but these are examples of the basic principals that helped Chambers of Commerce and Associations grow and play a vital role in the business community for the past 100 years.

We just happen to focus on doing it ... digitally … virtually.