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What is DM for Business?

DM for Business is an organization that provides a platform, tools and innovation to assist businesses & organizations in today’s digital world.  We provide all businesses and organizations a base membership which gives them access to a number of free virtual events, training, services and access. We will also partner with Chambers of Commerce (ChamberDM), Associations (AssociationDM) and Education (EducationDM) organizations to provide customized experiences for their members.

What does DM stand for?

You might think DM stands for Digital Market. It does. It also stands for a number of other things:

Digital Marketing, Doing More, Delivering Messages, Digital Masses

DM develops, implements and markets programs including digitally delivered education & advising, virtual job fairs & tradeshows plus interactive business networking.  These programs can work in conjunction or partnership with local area chambers of commerce or organizations at a number of different engagement levels. 

Our ongoing relationship with DM members allows them to complete digital assessments and understand where their business could improve from a digital perspective. Those program tracks are developed and we use a combination of our education, digital tools & access programs to help advise companies by creating a roadmap to success. We partner with local resources & refer them to businesses with direct needs and offer our national DM Managed Solutions Resources to help businesses in locations where the digital talent pool is limited.

How do you work with our local Chamber and/or Association?

We provide Chambers and Associations multiple options on how we can work together. Our goal is to extend the valuable benefits & activities provided by these organization through our digital and virtual platform. We’re an active member, sponsor or contributor of every Chamber and/or Association we work with. We invest in our partners. For example, our commitment and investments throughout the chamber industry has positioned us to become a strong alliance partner for years to come. As an official Silver Sponsor of the Association of Chamber of Commerce (ACCE) we have become an emerging powerhouse throughout the Chamber industry.

Do you work with other organizations besides Chambers & Associations?

Yes. Our reach throughout the local community can extend beyond these organizations, for example our Virtual Job Fairs can partner with municipal, regional or state economic development groups. We actively work with educational institutions to either deliver educational content to the public or private sectors. Our virtual expo center can be used to assemble an audience and broadcast a message to entire city, state or national audiences.

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Broadcast your message.

We partner with local, state and national agencies to produce presentations and live video to the masses.

What are Virtual Job Fairs & Tradeshows?

Whether you’re looking to hire employees or attract new customers the business world is changing and it’s more challenging to get noticed or communicate with prospects. Using our virtual environment, DM produces a number of locally marketed and implemented Job Fairs and Tradeshows throughout the year.

Businesses have the opportunity to participant at many levels include “manning” your virtual booth while engaging with prospects through chat, sharing files (resumes) or providing an interactive form to collect information about a potential new client.

Where is DM being implemented?

Your local DM is located in one of 9 regional divisions throughout the United States. Each local DM market has a dedicated resource, your Brand Ambassador, that implements DM and provides the interaction between you and our program.

West: Pacific (CA, OR, WA); Mountain (AZ, NM, CO, UT, NV, WY, ID, MT)

Midwest: West North Central (KS, MO, IA, NE, SD, MN, ND); East North Central (IL, IN, OH, MI, WI)

Northeast: Middle Atlantic (PA, NJ, NY); New England (CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME)

South: South Atlantic (FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, DC, WV, MD, DE); East South Central (MS, AL, TN, KY); West South Central (TX, LA, AR, OK)

Non-contiguous: HI, AK

How do we becoming a member?

You already are! In a commitment to help the business community everyone has access to DM for Business. Visit our membership advisor to understand what’s included. We offer an enhanced membership that provides a number of additional value added benefits tailored for your company.