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2019b Reach Program

Qualify for a $5000.00 rebate to host a virtual job/career fair in your local/regional market

What is DM for Business?
DM for Business is a Digital Market Business Community designed help strengthen businesses and their community through digitally-based programs and events.  We create, market, and manage virtual job fairs, digital tradeshows, provide digitally delivered education and other cutting edge events and solutions to help businesses and the community in today’s digital world.

What is the Virtual Job/Career Fair 2019b Reach Program?
BusinessDM is selecting 50 local/regional Economic Development organizations interested in hosting a virtual job/career fair.  Our 2019b Reach Program will extend our virtual platform and personnel to partner and produce individually marketed virtual events to help grow the local/regional job base, assist employers with an alternative way of recruiting talent and provide an innovative approach to educating and introducing industries to graduating students.

What will BusinessDM provide for these events?
Our virtual environment can host multiple events at the same time and accommodate an unlimited amount of users at once.  We have the ability to broadcast live video seminars & presentations up to 10,000 users and can simulcast up to 100,000 users.  In this case, employers and job seekers can have a true interactive experience by chatting with representatives within virtual booths, view content and add downloadable materials into a digital briefcase.
How are costs covered for the 2019b Reach Program?
Economic Development organizations selected for the 2019b Reach program will receive a $5000.00 rebate to cover the entire cost of the virtual platform license.  Additional costs of the program include: (1) project management and administration for employer booths (2) event promotion and marketing plus (3) content parter / presentation creation.  Depending on the scope of the event, size of the market and strategy from the local Economic Development organization these costed can be funded a number of different ways.

What is required to get started?        
Economic Development organizations interested in the program are required to invest 10 - 25% to cover initial project management & administrative costs to launch the program in your local/regional market.  The goal of the project is to build a self-sustaining model that runs future events without any additional burden from the hosting organization.